High Standards for Office Cleaning shouldn’t Be Costly

Office CleaningAs a company owner, it is your responsibility to ensure a clean workspace for your employees. So, when hiring a commercial cleaning service, make sure that they have both a high standard of cleanliness as well as a reasonable service rate. Consider these things when evaluating potential cleaning service providers for your offices.

Check the Specifications

When office cleaning companies send you a business proposal, you should ask them to include a list of service specifications or a comprehensive account of tasks that require completion at a certain frequency (ex. daily). You may discover that although a lower-priced proposal is affordable, it may not offer the service and/or the frequency needed to keep your offices clean.

Check the Costs

All office cleaning companies have operating costs such as insurance, supplies, employee benefits, and labor. The cost differs depending on the quality of the company and its workers. Do not hesitate to ask these companies about the worker’s comp rates, training practices, and standards for safety. This will ensure that the office cleaning company hired to perform cleaning is worth the cost.

Check the Numbers

While there’s nothing wrong with hiring small janitorial cleaning companies, you could run into issues if they do not have the necessary experience to back up the price they’re quoting to clean the office. When a cleaning company does offer an enticing price for their services, business owners need to have a guarantee that they keep their end of the deal.

Check the Company Budget

An experienced and reliable cleaning company knows that you are working with them on a budget. They will help you keep within the budget while maintaining high cleaning standards. You should also ask the cleaning service provider for info on how much work a cleaner should do in a specific time period and how much it would cost to clean the space.

When you hire a cleaning company to keep your office environment neat and sanitary, make sure that you have an accountability plan. This will ensure that the service provider will deliver the services they promised.