Here’s How You Can Earn College Credits in High School

A college student browsing books at a library

Competition to enter universities and colleges gets stiffer and stiffer year in and year out. You’ll need a standout application to convince admission officers to accept you. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to get college credits while in high school. Doing so sends a signal to schools you are willing to take on a challenge and go the extra mile to reach your academic goals.

Here are some of the ways that allow you to get credits before entering college.

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement has been around for decades; it has helped many students bridge their high school years and college classes. It has also helped many who are trying to gain an advantage over their peers. Students who go this route have to take a standardized exam in the subject/s they take and will get credit depending on the score they get. Online summer classes enable you to prepare for the rigors of classes like these.

Some of the advantages of AP classes include:

  1. Students can take the test even without taking a specific course
  2. The coursework covers certain high school requirements
  3. Students can use their scores to fulfill some introductory courses in college or get credit.

Dual Enrollment

Another option to consider for students is taking for-credit courses in a college or university. Universities’ instructors and staff often teach such classes and have a mix of undergrads and high school students.

Some of the advantages of going this route include:

  1. Students have access to resources and teachers at the university level
  2. Get college credit by the host university or college
  3. The credit a student earns appears on their transcript, and some schools may accept it.

International Baccalaureate

This option follows curricula the IB organization developed where certified schools teach it. This option has several programs; some of which are high level and comparable to college coursework. Students that choose this route need to take a standardized test that may fulfill requirements at the college level.

These are only three of the options you have when you plan to earn college credits while in high school. Weigh your choices to determine which route you can take.