Fun Facts About Ski Wear and Other Winter Clothing That You Should Know

winter clothingWhether you’re a pro or just an occasional skier, wearing a suitable Descente ski wear and Bogner white ski pants can make the whole experience a lot better and comfortable at the same time. But, did you know that winter clothing has its own rich history? Here are a few facts about winter clothing that you might want to read.

The very first parkas were made from caribou, seal, or whale

One of the first versions of the parka were made by the Inuits located at the Canadian Arctic. Inuit women took the intestines of whales and seals — together with several layers of caribou skin — to make waterproof and insulated coats. According to Ravean, these coats were drenched with fish oil to give it its water-resistant property.

The size of fur muffs symbolized a person’s status

Fur muffs used to be a status symbol for people back in the days. In fact, fur muffs became popular during the 16th century and became an object to display their wealth in Europe. Based on an article posted on Mental Floss, some muffs were even adorned with various accessories such as an animal skull decorated with jewels.

The Mayans perfected the use of rubber

The Mayans, together with the other cultures back in Mesoamerica, were able to fully utilize rubber in their everyday lives. They used the latex that they extracted from rubber trees and mixed it with the juice that they collected from morning glory vines. The incredible mixture gave the rubber its flexibility.

The very essence of ski wear and other winter wear went through several changes throughout the years, so it’s no surprise if we see another change in the next couple of years. Who knows, we might even see another upgrade in clothing that’ll give us more options when it comes to style. As we all know, most winter clothing nowadays is made from resilient synthetic fibers that are both weatherproof and waterproof.