Four Ways to Prevent Construction Theft

Construction Worker Welding

Construction Worker WeldingConstruction theft can cost companies millions of dollars per year. This reason is enough to compel companies to make necessary precautions not just for the sake of their employees but also to protect expensive building supplies. Keep these things in mind when preventing construction theft.

Ensure the Construction Site is Well-lit

This is important especially at night. Take note that the construction site has raw materials and other construction supplies that thieves can use and sell outside the construction site. Thus, protect your materials by ensuring that the site has ample lighting. In case of a power outage, make sure that the site has emergency lights.

Keep the Construction Site Secure even after Working Hours

Construction theft can happen at any time, especially if you don’t have any security personnel guarding the construction site after working hours. Thus, it is advisable to have security measures in place during those hours. Install surveillance cameras and hire security staff to help deter any potential theft.

Don’t Leave the Truck Doors Open

Construction workers, more often than not, leave the truck doors open on a construction site. This is understandable during work hours as workers can easily transport materials in and out of the area with the door open. Once the work for the day finishes, however, make sure to lock all doors in the construction site. It is also a good idea to have different locks for each truck door. Refrain from using a general key to open every single lock as this constitutes as a security risk.

Ensuring that the construction area is well-lit, keeping the construction site secure after working hours and closing the truck doors securely can help prevent theft in construction sites. Your construction site won’t be an easy target for thieves when you have good security measures in place.