Five Famous Coffee Blends that Will Make You Want to Drink More Coffee

Famous Coffee Blends

Famous Coffee BlendsCoffee has become one of the most-consumed drinks in the world and it is a part of the 21st century social life and culture. Most people prefer coffee as their ideal energy-booster drink to start their day. Meanwhile to some people, coffee is the perfect drink to keep them energized while working, meeting up with friends and family gathering.

This famous drink originated in Ethiopia and now has gone global with variety of taste, blend and preference. Here are the top five types of coffee that never goes out of style:


This espresso-based drink is similar to coffee brewed in a drip filter or also known as black coffee. It is famous around the world, mostly in the United States. This plain old coffee is usually the number one choice for people who are simply a coffee lover and would not want anything but a plain old, great brewed coffee.


This coffee is popular among younger generation. Frappuccino, an ice blended coffee and is basically consist of an espresso, the base ingredient such as strawberry and cream, blend with ice and finally topped with whipped cream. Frappe is best drink for a hot summer day.


This is the most common type of coffee you can find in every corner of coffee shops in town. Cappuccino is basically made out of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. If it is made properly, cappuccino can be an alternative for dessert since it has a complex taste and rich in coffee flavor.

Café Mocha

If you are a chocolate lover who happens to be a coffee lover as well, then café mocha is the perfect drink for you. Similar to cappuccino, café latte is a mixture of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth on top but this time a portion of chocolate is added usually in the form of syrup or powder.

Café Latte

Café latte or also known as Café Au Lait is usually not taken with a twist unlike café mocha. This drink is basically a single shot of espresso (or brewed coffee for weaker form of coffee), steamed milk and 1cm of foam depending on the skill of the barista. This is the type of coffee where you can create images using the foam. If you want it sugar-free, you can find one on the market, according to Your Café Gourmet.

Coffee drinks come in different types of flavor, mixture and aroma depending on what suits the individual. Why not indulge yourself to a luxurious coffee experience?