Financial Gains of Having an Automated Docking System

warehouse worker driving forklift

The installation of automatic dock loading and unloading systems have made the movement of different products and merchandises a lot faster and easier in this era of modern logistic operations. With the logistics operation now at least five times faster, it opens up opportunities for more transactions, which mean additional revenue. When you decide to install an automatic loading and unloading system, you’re set to gain a lot of financial benefits.

Eliminate Forklift Operational and Maintenance Costs

Automation will result in a massive reduction in the number of forklift machines needed to move the merchandises. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate the entire forklift fleet. This means you can save a lot of money from the operational and maintenance cost allocated for the forklift machines.

Reduce Labour Costs

While there are doubts about automation resulting in the reduction of human resources, it’s actually true. In the case of reducing the number of operational forklift machines, these people can be trained and reassigned to other departments in need of additional hands. This way, you can maximise the human resources and won’t need to hire additional people for the time being. No reduction of manpower, just stoppage of hiring new people, which also translates to reduced labour cost.

Prevent Demurrage Charges

Unfortunately, when cargos overstay inside the warehouse because of delays in the operation, logistics operators have to pay demurrage charges to the affected cargo owners. With automation, the factor of delay is eliminated, so the chance of avoiding any demurrage charge is very high.

These are just some savings you’ll get when you decide to install an automated docking system. Imagine the additional revenue you can generate when the new system becomes fully operational. Your market will surely increase.