Features of Assisted Living Centers for Memory Disorder Patients

Sick woman with nurse

The number of people suffering from memory disorders has increased significantly. Some of the common types of memory illnesses are dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s disease. Patients with memory disorders have special needs, which might be hard to manage at home.

The best option for them is an assisted living facility offering memory care services in Utah County. This has various features designed to cater to their needs. Here are some of the standard features of memory care programs.

Devoted care giving

Caregivers are an essential part of an efficient memory care program. Caregivers undergo specialized training, which equips them with techniques for supporting a patient’s independence while still ensuring their safety. They also acquire communication skills since patients with memory disorders in most cases lose their verbal skills.

Dedicated dining programs

Patients with memory disorders have a unique challenge in maintaining a healthy diet. Visual problems common in these patients make it hard to distinguish their food, and they also struggle with silverware. Dedicated dining programs in assisted living facilities work with the challenges of individual patients and help them in maintaining proper nutrition.

Secure and peaceful living quarters

Patients with memory disorders are prone to wandering off. The physical plant of an efficient memory care program focuses on the safety and peace of patients. Visual cues including memory boxes and color-coded hallways help residents find their way around and minimize their risk of agitation typical when confronted with unfamiliar situations. The living facilities also have secured windows, doors, and alarm systems to alert staff in case residents attempt to wander.

Choosing to check your loved one into an assisted living facility is not easy. But you can be sure that they are getting the best care they need at the facility. This is caring you will not be capable of providing at home without the required expertise and environment.