Electrical Shocks and Zap Anxiety

Electric ShockExperiencing an electrical shock is more than just getting a jolt to your body. The minimum current that a normal human can feel is 1 milliampere (mA) and shocks with a high voltage can lead to tissue damage or even death. This makes the fear and anxiety people feel around electrical wiring quite reasonable.

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Superficial burns on the surface of the skin are one of the most common results of lower voltage electric shock. Shocks of voltage between 500 and 1000 volts, on the other hand, can result in severe internal burns that cause organ failure.

Muscle Contraction

External shocks can trigger involuntarily contractions. The contracting and bending of muscles might be extra dangerous when the victim is gripping a live wire. The shock will force the hand to grip the wire firmly, sending even more of the deadly electrical current through the body.

Neurological Damage

An electric shock can restrict nervous control of your heart, lungs and other body organs. This may lead to neuropathy or nerve damage. You will lose your consciousness quickly when the current reaches your head.

A Drop in Blood Pressure

An electrical shock can cause your blood pressure to drop drastically and disturb the balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body. This can lead to the release of myoglobin and trigger kidney failure.

The human body cannot withstand high-voltage electrical shocks. In fact, electrocution can be fatal, and it claims many lives every year. To ensure your safety, best leave any home wiring problems to the experts.