Doulas and the birthing process

As a first-time mom to be, you may be anxious about labor and birth, even though you have attended pre-natal classes. Every woman’s pregnancy and labor are different, and it is good to have support during this time.

Whether you choose to give birth at home or go to a hospital, having physical and emotional support can help make it a positive experience. Your support system could consist of your mom, sister, partner or even your best friend. You could also include a doula to help during this time. Doulas are women who are professionally trained to help other women during labor or after birth. It is part of their purpose to help women have a safe and memorable birthing experience.

How doulas help

Doulas help in many ways – before, during and after birth. Most doulas start working with an expectant mother a few months before delivery. Expectant moms can ask questions and express concerns. Doulas help moms set up birth plans. Even though a doula in Holladay or St. George, Utah is not trained medically, she is knowledgeable about the birthing process.

During the delivery, doulas stay close to the mother and provide comfort. They help by encouraging a mom to relax and try various positions to make birth easy. A doula is an advocate who helps the mother experience birth based on her wishes. Doulas help new mothers breastfeed their babies and foster bonds with the rest of the family.

How to find the right doula to help you

Just like finding a doctor or any other professional, talk to a few doulas before picking one you are comfortable with. Some question you could ask during the interview are:

  • What kind of training did you receive?
  • What services do you offer?
  • How much do you charge?
  • What is your availability around my due date?
  • Why did you choose this profession?
  • When are you available to meet me to discuss my birth plan?
  • What should I do if you are not available for any reason around the time of the birth?

Doulas offer support during pregnancy and the childbirth process. They are part of your support system and don’t replace a partner and immediate family. A doula’s primary job is to offer advice during this time. A doula can help with breastfeeding and caring for the baby. The search can start at the beginning of the last trimester so that you have enough time to prepare for the changes coming your way.