Dental Implants in Melbourne and Age Restrictions

Woman having an implant

In recent years, dentists have had many more requests for dental implants than ever before. This treatment became popular due to its stability and efficiency. After all, why should patients be content with a half-solution, when they can have something as good as the real thing?

Dental implants in Melbourne are evolving every day. Depending on a patient’s individual needs, a dentist such as High Dental Implants will customise treatment to ensure comfort and adeptness. Dental implants are easy to install and in some cases, patients can have new teeth in a day.

Is there a right age for dental implants in Melbourne?

Dental implants are a good treatment for most people with missing teeth, provided they fall into certain categories. Unfortunately for some, age is one of them. While old age is not an issue for dental implants, young children and teenagers whose adult teeth have not yet emerged, are not good candidates for this treatment.

However, in some cases, dental implants may be the only solution to a serious dental problem. To determine if a teenaged patient is ready for dental implants, an experienced dentist will examine their jawbone with the help of x-rays. Dentists rarely perform implant surgery on young teenagers. However, each case is individual and different people have different rates of jaw growth.

Dental implants and old age

A few years ago, dental implants were not the norm among elderly patients for many reasons. However, this is starting to change. Old people have started realising that dentures do not offer as many advantages as dental implants and maintaining a good quality of life is really important at this age. While a dentist will always consider a patient’s overall health before advising dental implants, older people who have lived with dentures for years are now more eager to make the switch and regain a significant part of their lost oral function.

The biggest difference between older and younger people is how they lost their teeth in the first place. Younger people tend to lose teeth during accidents, whereas older people have lost their teeth because of gum disease or old age. Whatever the reason, they are entitled to know if dental implants could bea solution.