Cut and Comfort: 3 Pointers for Giving Customers a Good Barber Shop Experience

a man at the barber shop

Being a barber is perhaps one of those professions that require some level of “intimacy” with their customers. The barber is given the consent to do what needs to be done to their client’s hair. There is also some level of physical contact involved. With this situation at hand, you need to make sure that your customers will not feel awkward while you are doing your job.

What you need to do is strive to give your customers the ultimate barbershop experience. Not only will it help build loyalty, but it will also be good for your business. Other than buying Wahl products for your barber’s arsenal, here are some of the things worth taking note of.

Keep the shop cool and comfy

The environment of the shop can make or break your customer relations. Who would want to have his hair cut at a dingy shop? As such, you need to invest in rebuilding and improving your shop. Keep it simple yet cool and comfortable. An HVAC system can help you with it, for instance.

Give some add-ons

Some extras will be appreciated. From time to time, you may offer a free shave or hair wash. If you want to give your customers a parting surprise, a short and sweet head and back massage is a good idea.

Start a small talk, but do not overdo it

For your waiting customers, you can have magazines around or better yet, a television. For customers who are already under your supervision, you may want to offer a small talk. Do not overdo it, however. Try to gauge if your customer wants to talk to you. Avoid sensitive topics that usually start arguments.

Know what your customers want. That is the golden rule for giving them the ultimate barbershop experience.