Chances Of Poor Pupils Becoming High Achievers Remain Low

student writingThe chances of poor students to become high achievers remain low, researchers said.

The Institute of Education academics found out that while standards are rising, children from poor backgrounds need to perform even better in key academic subjects to get on in life.

More Guidance

According to the study, deprived pupils were still not achieving qualifications to compete at the top level of the employment market, with gaps remaining at every age level. Researchers said students needed more guidance on the requirements of elite universities and firms.

Beneficial to Future Life Chances

Lindsey MacMillan, one of the report’s authors, said children from poorer backgrounds needed to understand that high achievement in maths, English, sciences, history, and modern languages are beneficial to their future life chances.

“I’m loath to say ‘more targets please,’but more emphasis on the kinds of subjects pupils take would be helpful,” Dr MacMillan said.