Ceramic VS. Metal Crowns: Is Durability a Problem?

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Best for your crown teethOccasionally, a tooth becomes too damaged and weak for typical restoration methods. To prevent the need for extraction, a dentist might place a custom-made crown over it. This protects it from further harm, while giving it the appearance of a completely healthy and flawless tooth.

There are different kinds of crowns, however, and the material your dentist uses will affect how attractive and natural it looks.

Metal and Ceramic: Understanding the Key Differences

In the past, dentists almost always used metal crowns that had a thin layer of tooth-coloured porcelain. This type of crown performed admirably, as it was extremely durable and long-lasting. But despite the porcelain coating, it was still quite easy to tell these crowns apart from normal teeth. The artificial look created a demand for a more aesthetic option.

This is when private dentists in Manchester like cheadlehulmedental.com started using ceramic crowns strengthened with porcelain. The difference in appearance is impressive; a ceramic crown looks almost exactly like a natural tooth because of its realistic colour and distinctive translucence. It is very difficult for a casual observer to tell whether a person’s teeth have ceramic crowns, greatly improving the confidence of the patient.

But is there a trade-off? Fortunately, modern ceramic crowns are just as functional and durable as the traditional metal variants they have replaced. With proper care, a patient can look forward to having perfect teeth for years.

Understanding the Alternatives

It is important that you think of getting crowns as a last resort, as it usually requires the permanent reshaping of a natural tooth. If aesthetics are your only concern, veneers are a much more preferable choice, since they remove less of the enamel. Of course, proper oral hygiene is still the most effective measure against every dental problem, so make sure that you build good habits.

At the end of the day, only your dentist can say for sure what the best treatment for your teeth is. Learn about your options, get multiple opinions, and then decide what to do.

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