Car in the Garage: 4 Ways to Keep It Secure

The inside of a residential house's garage Your car is a huge purchase and you will not let anyone take it away from you. Unfortunately, there are people who would try to steal it from you no matter how secure it is.

A garage is a place where you keep your car, which is why it needs to be as secure as possible. All Steel Security shares some effective ways to make sure no thieves would even dare enter your premises:

Secured Garage Doors

The easiest way to secure your car is to have a garage door. Some people only park their cars outside their houses. This serves as an invitation for thieves to steal your car because no one can see them.

Keeping your car inside a garage equipped with roller doors will help you prevent any incident of burglary. Some garage doors have special security features, such as a camera, digital locks and alarms.

CCTV Cameras and Alarms

Today, CCTV cameras are in demand because more crimes and burglary happen. You can install security cameras and alarms around your house and in the garage to keep thieves away.

Motion-Sensing Lights

To deter thieves, install lights to keep the garage and everything inside visible. You can likewise invest in motion sensing lights that will alert you when someone is in the garage. Night vision security cameras can detect any movement inside the garage as well.


A house with dogs can keep thieves away. When they hear dogs barking inside the garage, they would have second thoughts of breaking in. Let your dogs sleep inside the garage but make sure they are safe and there are no hazardous objects for them to play with.

Securing your garage and car is important. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle and follow these tips to avoid falling victim to a burglary.