Buying Wire Brushes? Here are Qualities to Look For

bottlesIf you're in the surface finishing industry, you understand the high standards for clean surfaces you need to meet all the time. Depending on the nature of your work at the workshop, you need a brush with wire bristles for a clean finish.

While it's quite easy to source your wire brush from a supplier of bottle brushes, you need to know what in particular to look for.


When cleaning metal surfaces, most fabricators complain of cross-contamination. Take advantage of each brush material having unique characteristics, such as oxidation properties and colour, for suiting different applications. Ensure that you use a particular brush with bristles of a specific type of metal to avoid contamination of one metal from another.

Wire Diameter

Thick wires are quite aggressive but prone to breakage as compared to thin wires. It's advisable you select a wire brush that has the correct wire thickness. Improper selection of the wire diameter can over- or under-smoothen the surface you're finishing.

Wire Density

It refers to the number of wires that make up the brush bristles. A good wire density is critical to extending the life of the brush because there are many wire tips for cleaning the surface. Nevertheless, choosing wire brushes with a high wire density may not be the best option, especially for tasks that require highly flexible brushes. Therefore, consider how comfortable and sturdy you need your brush to be before you make your order.

Wire Style

The orientation of the wires in a wire brush varies from one brush to another. The common types of brush styles are the knotted, twisted, and the crimped styles. A brush with crimped wires is the best when you require cleaning the surfaces lightly. The knotted and twisted types are the best types for aggressive cleaning jobs.

A lot goes into selecting wire or bottle brushes such as the wire diameter, style and density. You can engage a brush supplier to guide you in finding one that befits your application. Getting the right brush will help you create clean surfaces faster.