Build Your Own Pool at Home

Build Your Own Pool at Home in Perth

Build Your Own Pool at Home in PerthA pool adds value to your home. It’s perfect for having fun in the summer. You and your family don’t even have to leave home for a swimming party and barbecue.

Having a professional build the pool will cost quite a sum. This is the safest choice, however, if you’re not handy with anything that has to do with construction. If you’re confident with your building skills, however, constructing a pool is not all that difficult. Here’s how to do it.

Design and measurement

Decide on the shape, length, width and depth. You can also have a sloping floor, so one side of the pool is deeper than the others. The more complicated your design, the more expensive and difficult it is to build.

Get the permits

Don’t start digging just yet. Ask your contractor if they might know which office you have to get the permits from. There might be some restrictions, or your area might not be safe for pools. You could get in trouble if you start building without knowing about this.

Hire equipment for excavating

With the design and measurements plus the permits now on hand, hire equipment for excavating the area. recommends finding a Bobcat for hire in Perth and have the area excavated. Make sure to grade the ground, as well, to make it as even as possible. Be extra careful if you have a sloping floor design.

Frame the walls and put in the plumbing and electricity

You’ll need metal rebar and wood for the frame. When this is in place, put in the plumbing for water supply and drainage. Hire a professional plumbing company with experience in pools. Likewise, hire a professional electrician for the supply of electricity for lights or a filtration system.

Pour on the floor and then build the walls

Pour in the cement for the floor. Grade it evenly. Then build the walls with cinder blocks. Call your contractor for finishing options like plastic and tile. You also have different options when it comes to filling and finishing the outside edges of your pool. Let everything dry before filling the pool with water.