A Broome Checklist for Explorers

broome australia

broome australiaBroome is an exotic town in the western gateway to The Kimberley region of Western Australia, 2,240 km north of Perth. The town has a vibrant history and culture that accompanies its beautiful beaches and outback landscapes.

Explorers can walk through the perpetually sunny and multicultural pearling town, soak up the Indian Ocean sunsets and enjoy marine recreational activities unlike any other. Plan a trip with this small checklist to experience extraordinary Western Australia.


Broome is a world famous fishing spot, so any trip to this town will not be complete without a good catch. Explorers can set to do this on their own or engage in Broome tours that offer a unique recreational fishing experience. They provide premium fishing equipment for a perfect adventure.


The remote town of Broome was once the pearling capital of the world. Explore this history by going on pearling farms and museums. Shop for pearl souvenirs and relish a dish of fresh oysters unlike any other. Backpackers can experience it first hand by trying a job in pearling.


Nearby Broome’s pearl port is Ningaloo Marine Park where explorers can swim and snorkel through coral lagoons and swim with the whale sharks, dolphins and over 500 species of fish. The marine park protects a 260km fringing reef off Western Australia’s mid north coast.


Explorers can hop on a camel and do the iconic sunset camel trek along Cable Beach where the sun blazes a trail into the Indian Ocean. Enjoy 22 kilometres of pure white sand and turquoise water set against a backdrop of red ochre cliffs. The view is similarly spectacular at sunrise.

A visit in the town of Broome is a beautiful fusion of captivating waters, scenic views and intriguing history. Any time of the year, the tourist town is bustling with explorers eager to have a glimpse of all the beauty it has to offer.

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