Bringing to Life the Wedding of Your Dreams (With Little Money To Spend)

Dream WeddingSome people find weddings kind of impractical with all the money and time you need to spend. Well, what do they know? They are not the ones getting married. Go ahead and give the wedding of your dreams a chance to reality. 

But shame as it can be, no matter how much you deny it, those people have a point too. So here are a few walkthroughs to bring your dream wedding to life without overspending.

Time is gold

It is so you do not want to waste every precious time you have to plan your wedding. Do it like a pro. Plan way ahead, at least a year or a year and a half like what Rachel Green of "FRIENDS' wished. This will give you enough time to get everything you wanted for your great wedding.

Buy everything?

Consider DIY projects that can save you so many bucks and that give your wedding a very personal touch. You can make your own envelope or seal for your invitations, however, it can eat a lot of your time so you can make other DIY projects meant for everyone like making the table plan out of wood blocks. They can be rustic and cute at the same time.

Professional photographers

Wedding photographers can charge you way off the roof. The most important thing about photography is the output, so you can check other photographers or even amateurs with a promising portfolio. Maybe you know a friend who is also a photographer with killer skills. You can hire him too. 

The Plaza?

Finding the perfect place for your wedding can almost be impossible. Well, creativity is the key. Can’t get through The Plaza? Bring The Plaza to your place. Think outside the box and transform an empty room into a palace. You can even transform an ordinary tent into a magical one. Go ahead and check the clearspan tent rentals, even they can give you the brightest of ideas.

The ideal dress 

Some use the dress their mother wore but of course, you can choose any dress you want, honey. It is your day after all and you deserve all the attention you want. Just make sure you got your money’s worth on the one wedding dress.

Excited yet? You should be. Keep these things in mind to make your big day exciting and memorable.