Braces for Kids: How Young is Too Young?

Braces for Kids

Braces for KidsSome parents feel sceptic over the idea of their kids wearing braces at a young age. There are those who doubt that braces aren’t exactly necessary for children, especially when they’re still young. It’s time to prove these sceptics wrong.

The Right Age

The only time your child is too young for braces is when they don’t have permanent teeth yet. Data reveal that children experience the eruption of adult teeth at about the age of six. In some cases, however, different factors cause a delay and push back the eruption of permanent teeth at 7 or 8. Ergo, children younger than 6 years old can still chew candy without having to worry about a trip to the dentist.

Why do you have to wait for permanent teeth to appear? Dental professionals from Solas Orthodontics explain that this is because only once the permanent teeth appear do certain oral problems become apparent. Your child has to reach this stage of development for overbites and misaligned or overcrowded teeth to be noticeable.

Children’s Braces

The most ideal scenario is for a child to wear braces once the dentist spots a problem with their bite or teeth. This is because the growing years provide an opportunity to create enough space between each tooth for a straight, flawless bite and smile.

Potentially, this could remove the need to extract a permanent tooth just so the rest of the teeth can adjust to their right places. At the same time, this reduces the time necessary when wearing traditional wires and brackets.

Do note, however, that braces aren’t always the go-to solution for every dental problem your child faces. There’s a reason dentists advise parents to schedule an appointment for their child as early as possible. That reason is to address any apparent issues without resorting to braces and/or appliances. Remember that when it comes to oral health problems, the earlier you address them, the better. Otherwise, symptoms and diseases may escalate into worse cases.

It’s perfectly fine to get braces for your child early on. But to be sure, it’s always best to consult a dentist to see what options are available for your little one’s case.

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