Beyond a College Degree: Preparing for Your Dream Career

rolled up diploma

Your life in college is far from what your life can really be. Preparing for a career after you’ve earned a diploma goes beyond just getting a passing grade in your classes. If your intention is to aim for success, then you should invest in these additional activities so you can reach the top sooner than expected.

Complete Assessment Tests

These days, you will be competing with many new graduates and it would be hard to catch a company’s attention if you can’t offer anything else but your degree. Passing the right kind of certification courses and practice exams, such as the CompTIA Security+ test, can add to your employment rating. In some cases, as CertBlaster noted, some businesses will even give certain accreditations more favor than a bachelor’s degree.

Mentorship and Work Experience

One of the main problems new hires usually face is having no job experience at all, and admittedly most companies require that. Serve as a part-time employee during vacation time or apply as an on-the-job trainee while still schooling. This can boost your resume and open more job opportunities for you. If possible, aim for OJT and part-time positions that are connected with your dream career.

Use the Internet

Whether it’s creating an account on LinkedIn or watching vocational videos, the Web is the perfect place to prepare yourself for your future profession. Create a network in social media, post your works and activities as well and learn from unlimited source materials. Maximize your online tools for better chances of landing the job you want.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune,” according to America’s most famous business philosopher, Jim Rohn. College is just a stepping stone and you would need to go the next level if you want to be successful. Plan ahead and put your plan into action if you truly want to make it to the top.