An Italian Fairytale Wedding: Your Next Inspiration for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

Newlywed riding a golf cart

There are a lot of fantasy or dream weddings, which brides wish for. These include weddings abroad or in a tropical beach, or some other location.

When a bride-to-be wants a fairytale wedding, she needs a planner who has experience in doing these things. One of the most popular wedding destinations right now is Italy, and it is not uncommon for brides to want to have their wish to get married in Italy fulfilled.

How to Prepare

Being wed in Italy is not a far-fetched idea. It’s a lot cheaper than getting a wedding party to the Maldives or Tahiti, for instance, but it can still cost a big amount. Being wed in Italy does not necessarily mean that the bride and groom have to follow the Italian style wedding, but definitely there are some things they cannot skimp on.

For instance, Italian couples typically spend from £45,000 to £80,000 or more on their wedding day alone. Italian parents usually foot the bill of the wedding and invite a lot of people they know, including family, friends and business associates.

Besides the wedding proper, there are papers and documentation which need to be filed in order to get married in Italy. These are practically the same kinds of documents required, if the wedding was to take place locally. These documents include the birth certificate, marriage licence, and proof that the person is single, divorced or widowed.

In addition, permits for the location might also be a requirement. For church weddings, banns are also required. For these and other documentation and requirements, a wedding planner can take care of them as part of the wedding preparations.

A Different Wedding Culture

It is no wonder that Italian wedding receptions have a lot of food. Some receptions start at 1 pm, and end at 10 pm, just eating at a sit-down dinner. Food is an important part of the celebration, especially fish and seafood.

For the couple, it is important to have a picture with all the guests. They are set up in a room with the photographer, and everyone gets in line to have their picture taken with the couple, including babies and children.

Weddings are a cultural event. For those who want an Italian fairytale wedding, they might want to include some Italian practices at their wedding and reception. It would be a wedding to remember.