An arm and a leg for a new smile?

Girl smiling on the grassIf you are one of the many people in the UK considering cosmetic dentistry, you may be wondering how to choose which dentist to go to for this work.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of your smile rather than your oral health, although it also often has knock-on health benefits. Finding a good dentist for cosmetic work is important. In the area of Loughton, Broadway Dental is well worth considering.

If you are starting your search online, you may have noticed that costs for cosmetic dentistry procedures can vary a lot between dental practices and even between dentists in the same practice.

Why the variation?

Although this may seem confusing, there are good reasons for this variation in treatment price. Firstly, of course, the price will depend on how much work you are having done. One veneer will be cheaper than three, for example. Veneers are also more expensive than teeth whitening because of the amount of work involved in creating and fitting the veneer, compared with making whitening gel trays and applying the gel.

The costs of treatments also vary from clinic to clinic. This may be because of location – central London has higher rents and business rates to cover than rural Wales. Some clinics that have gained a reputation of excellence and use the very latest techniques and equipment will also charge more.

You can also expect to pay more for a dentist with a good deal of experience and many qualifications, especially if they are a registered specialist in a particular field.

The costs of materials vary as well. Branded dental implants such as Nobel Biocare are more expensive than non-branded imports. Crowns made of porcelain are more expensive than those with a metal foundation.

Then, of course, there is aftercare and customer service. Guarantees are often built into the cost of a treatment, along with aftercare and perhaps even maintenance appointments.

Know your options

Some people are more price sensitive than others, and if you are, then it is worth spending some time doing your research before choosing which dentist to go to for cosmetic dentistry.