A Guide to Dressing for Your Body Shape

A woman is shopping at the mallMost plus-size women see it as a need to always personally go to the mall when shopping for clothes to make sure that they find the right outfits for their build. There are days, however, when you just want to stay inside your home and shop for clothes online. If you want to go online shopping for plus-size clothing, make sure that you know which types of clothes fit your body shape. By knowing the right clothes to wear, you can confidently flaunt those curves!


Look for clothes that remove the attention from the middle part of your body. Go for V-neck tops and pair them with knee-length skirts. Avoid wearing ruffles that bring unwanted attention to the center.


Accentuate your waist area by wearing wide necklines and structured jackets. Avoid skinny pants because they could make your body look disproportionate.


High-waist pencil skirts are perfect to give accent to your waist and hips. Wrap tops and V-necks would also bring out the curves of your bust area to give you that spice. Avoid anything that has a straight cut because they could make you look flat and bland.


Your body is one of the most flattering shapes. However, avoid outfits that are oversize. These would make you lose your sweet spots that would bring out the sexiness in you.

Inverted triangle

Wear clothes that remove attention to your upper body. Wrap tops paired with wide-leg pants would perfectly do the trick. Avoid wearing slim-cut and Capri pants.

At the end of the day, whatever clothes you choose, remember to wear them with confidence, and love every curve of your body.