5 Ways to Prepare for Oral Surgery

a girl having her tooth removed

When you have issues with your oral health, it becomes quite unbearable to withstand the pain. While oral health issues can be somehow easy to handle, some cases might be quite critical and need dental surgery. Utah Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center shares the following ways you can prepare for your surgery with an oral surgeon in Salt Lake City.

1. Know what you should eat and drink.

You should not smoke 12 hours before your surgery and 24 hours after it. The same applies to eating and drinking. You may need to take a light meal two hours before surgery in case the doctor needs to use a local anesthetic.

2. Plan what to eat after surgery.

After surgery, you can eat soft food that requires less or no chewing. Some kinds of food such as those with spices and acids can irritate your gums. You should also avoid using straws after tooth extraction as it can lead to dry socket condition.

3. Understand your options.

There are many types of dental surgeries. When the dentist wants tooth extraction, he might have to cut in your gum to remove a tooth that has failed to erupt fully.

You need to understand the type of anesthesia he is going to use. Some types of anesthesia like laughing gas will allow you to be conscious, but you won’t be aware of what’s happening around you. Some will make your gums numb, but you will be fully aware of the whole process.

4. Wear comfortable clothes.

Since you are going to spend some time in the dental chair, you have to be comfortable. You might want to wear a sweatshirt with short sleeves. Try to get something that won’t get wrinkled.

If you are going to undergo a sedation procedure, wear short-sleeved clothes for the nurse to easily put blood pressure cuffs and check other vital signs.

5. Communicate with your surgeon.

It is crucial to tell your doctor some information about your medical history. This will be helpful just in case your body reacts to certain medications or anesthetics. Your doctor can personalize your preparation based on your needs.

As you prepare for your oral surgery, know that your recovery greatly depends on how you have made for it. As you make to meet an oral surgeon in Salt Lake City, implement the above tips and confidently undergo your treatment.