5 Unpopular but Surprisingly Good Uses of Botox

a woman injected with botox

Botox has been around for about 30 years. It immediately became popular with women, especially those who are looking to smoothen their wrinkles and facial lines. Today, doctors and researchers found that Botox has many other uses aside from being a tool for beautification, and it can actually help with healing certain conditions.

Read on below as Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic, along with other clinics that offer Botox specials in Utah, discusses the surprising benefits of Botox:


According to a 1992 research done by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, people who got Botox actually had fewer cases of headaches. He then proceeded to test the procedure on people who had severe migraines, and it actually worked. Botox has been approved for helping cure migraines back in 2010.

Eye Issues

This has been approved during the earlier discovery of Botox and has been used since then. People who are crossed-eyed can be treated with Botox to help their eyes line up in the same direction.

Neck Spasms

Botox can help you get rid of severe neck spasms. It has been approved back in the year 2000 and has been used to help treat people with a disorder called cervical dystonia, wherein a person has an abnormal head position, which can cause neck pain.

Sweaty Underarms

Yes, people with overly sweaty underarms can try Botox injections to help them combat this problem. This has been FDA approved since 2004, so you can be sure that it is a hundred percent safe. Alternatively, the procedure can also be done to people with overly sweaty hands and feet.

Bladder Problems

It might seem hard to connect bladder problems with Botox, but it has actually been proven to work. In a study done by Dr. Linda Brubaker, she found out that 70 percent of the women who come in and get their Botox had fewer trips to the restroom. Everyone has to be careful though, as too much of the procedure can cause the bladder to shut down.

Botox is done to make the lives of people easier and give a good boost of confidence. Hopefully, in the future, more benefits can be discovered through the use of it.