4 Ways to Maintain Your Slate Roof

Slate roof tiles

Slate is one of the expensive roofing materials on the market, but if well maintained, it can serve several generations effectively. Luckily, slate roofs do not require lots of maintenance. Nevertheless, there are a few things you need to do to your roof to keep it in good condition as outlined below.

Check the flashing regularly

The flashing wears more quickly than the slate roof, so it requires regular checking. Use a flashlight to check for water stains on your flashing especially after a long wet season. Water stains could be an indication of water leakage. Seek the assistance of slate roof repair contractors in Lancaster, PA, such as Klausmair Construction, to repair the flashing and the underneath sheathing, as well as any broken tile that could be leaking the water.

Avoid walking on the roof

Slate is not too hard to handle heavy traffic. Avoid unnecessary inspections on the roof. Hire a professional slate roofing contractor to inspect the roof once a year. Regular roof traffic could lead to more damage and expensive repairs.

Clean the roof before the winter season

Have the roof inspected and cleaned before the winter season. Remove all foreign matter and debris, as they hold on to the ice. The ice melts and refreezes on these points, which could cause ice dams to form and damage your roof. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your roof.

Prune any overhanging branches close to the roof

Branches that are too close to the roof are a safety hazard. They can break up and break the tiles. They also fill the roof with dead leaves and debris. Moreover, they can be points where rodents gain access to your home. Prune the branches regularly and uproot the trees that are too close to the house.

With proper maintenance, you would not have to replace your slate roofing. Ensure that the roof remains clean and free from any items that may damage the slate tiles. This way, you will spend little on repairs.