4 To-Dos to Prepare for the Winter Season


During the first quarter of this year, winter storms affected areas in the United States that weren’t accustomed to sub-zero or snowy conditions. The observed results ranged from snowing in North Tallahassee to shut down schools in New York and frozen water pipes in households. The latter is a major hassle for homeowners who lack enough preparation in cold weather. Here’s a guide on how to prepare for such events.

Have a plumber check your home’s pipes and heaters.

A plumbing company in Virginia like Doherty Plumbing explains that plumbers can service not only pipes but also water heaters, sinks, and faucets. This would help a lot because water in pipes could freeze when exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Having a plumber to remedy the matter would save you the hassle.

Make sure your fireplace is functional.

For homeowners with fireplaces, these would provide heat and maintain the comfortable temperature indoors. Doing so would prevent the winter cold from creeping in and causing pipe freezes or health problems.

Invest in warm garments.

While this should be obvious, some homemakers might become complacent that just putting on layers of clothing would keep the body warm. Not only would this be inconvenient, but it would also be ineffective compared to wearing clothing designed for warmth. The latter is made of fabric that effectively wards off the cold, which makes it a good investment for colder seasons.

Hang blankets over windows or doorways.

Also, the New York City Emergency Management Department recommends conserving existing warm air by hanging blankets over windows or doorways. This maintains the insulation indoors and keeps everyone cozy.

Cold weather brought by winter could pose a serious threat to unprepared households. To make sure residents stay comfortable throughout the winter months, experts recommend utilizing plumbers, getting fireplaces ready, and conserving warm air in the house. This way, your home stays prepared for the coming cold.