4 Amazing Ways to Reduce Pain After Having Your Braces Adjusted

Teeth with Braces

There’s a big chance that you’ll feel some discomfort around your gums and teeth after you’ve had your braces tightened. But don’t worry about it. The pain and slight discomfort are normal each time your orthodontist adjusts the metal band to the archwire.

Each adjustment can be painful. Here are some tips to help ease the pain the next time your dentist adjusts your braces in West Jordan.

Buy the prescribed over-the-counter pain relief medication

Always tell your doctor about the pain that you’re feeling every time you have your braces adjusted and ask for the proper medication. Also, taking pain relief medication one hour before your dental appointment can reduce the pain during the procedure. It’ll ensure that you carefully follow your doctor’s prescription because overdosage can be dangerous to your health.

Put an ice pack on the outside of your mouth

You may want to put an ice pack on your mouth’s exterior to alleviate the inflammation of your gums. Doing so will effectively ease the pain and discomfort that comes with it.

Drink cold water

Drinking cold water is one of the most inexpensive ways to treat the pain and discomfort after you’ve had your braces adjusted. Just like the ice pack, it tends to numb the inflamed part of your gums; therefore reducing the pain.

Eat soft or liquid foods

You feel pain or discomfort each time you move your teeth. So, try to avoid eating hard or crunchy foods after you’ve had the procedure. Choose foods that won’t put too much pressure on your teeth, such as smoothies and mashed potatoes.

Getting your braces adjusted can be painful, especially if you’re not used to it. Just remember that the pain and discomfort you’re feeling right now is only temporary and will only last for a few days. You may always visit your orthodontist to ask for further tips on how to manage your braces.