3D Campaigns: Innovation in Marketing

Marketing collaboration with the employees

Modern marketing is no longer just about static imagery. Thanks to advances in technology, campaigns can take on a powerful realism.

Most businesses use bright and colorful images to showcase their products. While traditional photography is a popular technique in advertising, more marketing departments realize that 3D technology is the new way to go. This technique is particularly suitable for property developments because it allows investors and buyers to “experience” spaces.

SPACIALISTS, a provider of virtual reality consultation, defines 3D rendering as “a complex graphic process that converts 3D wire frame models into 2D images with 3D effects on a computer.” It provides high quality and photo-realistic images that are ideal for online promotions due to numerous reasons:

Easier Revisions

With traditional photography, making a mistake should NEVER be an option. Should there be concerns, you’ll have to orchestrate another photo-shoot—a hassle, especially if you have to schedule photographers, re-books the location, and deal with another round of editing. It’s not an ideal option when you’re pressed for time.

With 3D rendering, all an artist has to do is open their computer to edit. The power of CGI makes it possible to modify images with the click of a mouse.

Control Over All Elements

With traditional photography, doing everything at once is impossible; it’s a different story with 3D rendering. It offers flexibility in manipulating design aspects such as shadows, lighting, and color. No matter what your idea is, an artist can turn it all into reality with his or her computer.

3D artists also have more control with the reflection, shadow, accent, and touch. The accurate precision results in more desirable marketing materials.

Different Surroundings

Background and surroundings matter when it comes to showcasing your products. With traditional photography, you’ll need a different set each time. Renderings, on the other hand, offer easy re-purposing of different surroundings, giving you a different feel for each campaign.

3D rendering is the newest form of marketing that may overtake traditional photography. Enhance your campaigns by venturing down the 3D path, too.