3 Lawn Care Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

A person mowing their lawn

Whether you take great pride in having the greenest patch of yard in your neighborhood or you’re good with a monthly mowing or two, it’s possible that you’re ignoring some activities that could actually be harming your lawn in the long run.

The lawn is a representation of the kind of property a homeowner has. The next time you encounter lawn care ads showcasing products and activities that are supposed to help in maintaining your lawn, Upfront Crew Marketing Solutions recommends taking a step back and do your research first. Many ads are there just to convince you to buy their products, while others genuinely care about your yard.

1. Daily Shower for Your Lawn

Grass — like other plants — need water almost all the time, right? Not really. The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Vice President Missy Henriksen warns against surface-level watering, saying that a deep soak will do a better job of preventing shallow root growth.

2. Let the Weeds Grow Long Enough Before Cutting Them Down

Wouldn’t it be a timesaver if you only start cutting weeds once they’ve reached a certain height? Not really. Prevention is better than cure, as the old adage goes. “Weed prevention should not be approached with a quick-fix mindset,” Henriksen tells to People.com. Make your lawn less vulnerable to weed invasion by not mowing your grass too short. In some cases, over-seeding can also aid in slowing down weed growth.

3. Sticking to the Same Old Mower

If you’ve been using the same mower for over a decade, then congratulations because that means you’re a careful owner. However, there are more power-efficient mowers available in the market. Give your mower a rest and get a new and more efficient one. If there’s not enough, then do a little tweaking with what you have by sharpening the mower’s blades, draining its fuel, or changing its spark plugs.

There’s more to lawn maintenance than mowing. Know the right way to do it and if possible, find an expert to work with. If you don’t know any, look at the ads in your area or ask for a referral from friends and colleagues.