3 Important Questions to Ask a Software Development Company

software development

Application development is serious business for the developers and their clients. Software apps are extremely helpful to the business and the users. Finding the right developer, though, is the challenging part.

Choosing one from the pool of software development companies in Austin must not be taken lightly, or your business will have to face the costly consequences. Here are some important questions to ask a software developer:

1. What is your success rate?

While most companies cannot give you an actual percentage, a good development company must have a portfolio of successful projects. When a company tells you a story about a project, you should focus on asking about the deliverables, milestones, and KPIs (key performance indicators) along the way. Ask about the challenges the developers faced throughout the development process and how they overcame those.

2. How do you handle intellectual rights?

An application is almost always a 100% unique concept. Of course, you want to deviate from what the market is already offering. It’s the same reason you should be asking about intellectually property and ownership.

Some development companies maintain ownership of the software they build, more so if they built it from scratch. Although, in these cases, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed. Other development companies turn over everything to the client. This should be clarified even before any agreement or contract is signed.

3. Will you be assigning a contact person?

There should be an account executive to handle your project. This person will act as the middleman between you and the development team. Good communication is important, with updates here and there. It is not enough that you know the development capabilities of the team members. An open discussion will mean continuous progress until the software is completed.

From these three questions alone, you will be able to gauge the experience, expertise, and integrity of a software development company. As with other major company purchases, your goal is to find a company that can produce quality software for your business.