3 Common Problems in Jail Management

Hand Holding Prison Cell BarsAccording to reports, the American criminal justice system has over 2.3 million people locked up across the country in 2010. And in a 2015 article, the Washington Post wrote that the U.S. has more prisons than colleges.

While the figures seem dire, it is good to know that new technologies like a jail management software can help improve the management of incarcerated individuals in the U.S. Here are the most common problems people face when it comes to prison management.

Overcrowding and Movement

Based on figures, about 636,000 people walk out of jails every single year. However, many Americans go to prison more than 11 million times yearly and this makes overcrowding and movement big issues in prison management. Overcrowding is a serious issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. One study found that prison overcrowding can lead to high levels of stress and even lead to the development of psychological issues.

Gang Activity, Assault, Self Injury

In late 2016, nearly 400 inmates overtook a jail in Birmingham in 12 hours. High gang activity in prisons is a huge concern for many prison management teams as this can lead to takeovers waiting to happen. This could result in assaults, self-injury and even deaths.

Health Care and Mental Health Care

One study found that about 73% of female inmates and 55% of male inmates in state jails suffer from a form of mental health issue.  The situation in federal prisons may be less dire, but it gets worse in local jails wherein 75% of female prisoners and 63% of male prisoners suffer the same. Health care, especially mental health care is another big issue that continues to dampen jail management in the U.S. High levels of mental health patients in jails mean more money needs to be spent to provide the right medication and support inmates need.

All these problems affect the chances of an inmate starting a new life after his or her time in prison. These problems need to be addressed to that former inmates can be given a new lease on life and can rejoin the society faster.