November 2017

A group of kids practicing martial arts

These days, more people are now using gadgets more than ever. As more technology grows, people tend to spend more time on gadgets than other activities. However, many parents now see that spending more time on hand-held devices may not be a healthy choice. For children to understand the importance…

Business man pointing the text: Royalties

Whether it is for artists in the music industry, the use of natural resources, technology patents, or copyrighted works, royalty payments usually play a major role in ensuring that the rightful owner (or party, in the case of natural resources) receives adequate compensation. It makes for an ideal financial agreement…

Cute little Pomsky puppy tilting her head, sitting on a purple background with pink roses and rose petals around her.

You can get your own designer breed dog from a breeder who has Pomsky puppies that are available for adoption. Pomskies come from purebred Pomeranian and Husky parents, and they are among the most popular designer breeds. In fact, some Pomskies have even become Internet sensations because of their cuteness….