2017 Tourism Arrivals in Florida: Here’s Some Positive News

a tourist attraction in Florida

It’s official: Not even a hurricane can stop people from visiting Florida. In 2017, Hurricane Irma ravaged the Sunshine State, affecting its tourism significantly. It lost more than $1 billion in visitor spending. Almost two million avoided it.

The recent statistics revealed something good, though, that the visitor arrivals are up. In 2017, more than 116 million people visited the state. It’s an increase of over 3% in the previous year. It’s also the highest it has ever been over the last eight years.

The Growth doesn’t end there, however. The performance of the state regarding tourism in 2017 is impressive, but Florida is confident it can surpass that in 2018. Within 1.5 months, from March to April, no less than three million people may arrive at its airport.

How Businesses Can Prepare for It

There are many players in Florida’s tourism, and all of them can benefit from it in one way or the other. If you’re in the accommodation industry, it provides a golden opportunity for higher revenues and growth. What you need to do, though, is to capitalize on it. These include providing more room options to guests.

A good number of the state’s visitors are groups, particularly families. To serve them, you can either remodel some rooms or offer a rollaway bed mattress. You can make this optional to give your room and guests more flexibility. Buying new mattresses, however, can break the bank. Furthermore, the industry has its lean season. The next best solution is to rent them instead.

The growth of Florida’s tourism is affecting the country’s economy in many ways. Not only does it generate jobs, but it also helps keep the taxes low, according to Florida Tax Watch. It can also affect other industries positively with an increase in visitor spending.

Everyone has a role in leaving an excellent impression on guests. This way, they will keep on coming back and even bring more people the next time.