2 Ways Your Dental Health Ensures a Successful Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Getting ExaminedMany people tend to experience severe problems during their pregnancy, as dental check-ups become less of a priority, castle-ceramics.com points out. The article highlights some of the merits that result from visiting a dentist as you prepare to get pregnant.

People often get flustered, breathless, and even weak in the knees at the thought of starting a family. You are likely to outdo yourself into picking out baby names, prepping the baby’s needs and planning for their education. While the bells and whistles are okay, you might be overlooking one crucial thing – visiting a dentist.

More than just a great smile

While your gums pink and pearly whites gleaming make for a great a social media photo op, visiting a dentist is good for your health. For starters, credible facilities boast a prosthetic dental laboratory to help replace any missing tooth. Secondly, a dentist can identify any problematic issues and address them before you get pregnant. Although advancement in dental x-rays makes them relatively safe, it is better to avoid any traces of radiation while expectant.

You get to carry the baby to full term

Evidently, the last thing on your mind when planning to have a baby is the possibility of having a preemie. Unfortunately skipping a dental check-up at this point can lead you to do just that. It means that you might overlook the existence of severe gum infection or a periodontal condition such as gingivitis. Such conditions increase the level of oral bacteria in the mouth and can trigger a system wide infection that could put your pregnancy at risk. Additionally, you are seven times more likely to have a preemie when suffering from a periodontal condition due to increased level of prostaglandin in the mouth.

Overlooking the need for a dental visit can hurt your pregnancy. Other than safeguarding your teeth, visiting a dentist helps to ensure that you deliver a healthy bouncing baby.